Network Security Assessment

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Contact us now to schedule your free company NETWORK SECURITY ASSESSMENT.

Our Free Network Analysis and Security Assessment will provide:

  • A report with security analysis
  • All devices on your network will be included
  • Report will also include servers and network equipment

The Network Security Assessment will show where we need to implement improvements in security and data protection. Whether you need to be HIPAA compliant or your insurance company is requesting how you secure your data – our Network Security Assessment will be a good place to start.

Ongoing Process

Network Security really is an ongoing process. As new software and hardware is introduced to your network, so are new potential risks/vulnerabilities. We establish ongoing relationships with our clients to ensure that once their networks are secure, they remain secure. We have a team dedicated to maintaining all of your network with the latest security patches and updates. Our ongoing service allows us to catch threats and vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Ransomware Virus

You probably have heard about the Ransomware virus, which as the name indicates, holds your precious data ransom for a lot of money. It can be remotely plated on your server, or comes in via an email link or website. Within seconds of execution, your QuickBooks data, PDF files, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, your entire photo library starts being encrypted. Tens of thousands of files per hour will be gone. You will click on your file and all you will see is a page directing you to the place to pay your ransom (from hundreds $$ to thousands $$$). Let us help you assess your network for vulnerabilities to minimize the risks to your company. We also can provide you with a full Security Audit, including Security Awareness Training.

Contacts us now to schedule your free security assessment.

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