Small Business Computer Networks

CNR Specializes in Network Solutions

When building a small business network, it’s important to determine the best system for your company’s budget and computing needs. CNR Technology Services provides the total package, from network installation, maintenance and support, we’ve got you covered!

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Wired Networks

In today’s network environments, speed and reliability is important. There is nothing faster or more reliable than a wired network connection. Although wireless connectivity is a convenience for mobility at your home or office, wired connectivity provides a constant speed and connection to your network and the internet without many of the worries and signal problems wireless connectivity can have. Your business may be expanding and your wireless network may not be as reliable as you thought.

Wireless Networks

Wireless Networks make sense in this world of advanced portability with smartphones, laptops and printers designed to operate on WiFi networks. Your business benefit by taking advantage of this technology by linking your servers, printers and storage devices to a safe and secure network, no matter where your employees are physically located. CNR Technology Services technicians are highly skilled and certified to install, maintain and support business wireless networks.