“Data Recovery” src=”https://cnrtech.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Canton-hard-drive-recovery.jpg” Sometimes, hard drives start clicking and ticking, and according to our Woodstock Hard Drive Repair technicians, this a sign that the drive most likely needs to go into the clean room. Expensive! Call us now and we will advise you on how to avoid this situation. Most technicians will not tell you the truth, but after our explanation you will realize that this is not rocket science.

Solid State Drives by Woodstock Hard Drive Service

The latest and greatest of all hard drives (servers aside) use solid state drives (SSD) over the outdated traditional SATA or IDE platform. The performance boot times are incredible. The sound = NONE. The speed = UNMATCHED. With over a million hours to go, you will not see a crashed SSD anytime soon at the Acworth Hard Drive Repair center.

Services performed at Woodstock Hard Drive Repair:

  • Software & mechanical data recovery services
  • Upgrades (Ask about SSD)
  • Data cloning
  • Data migration & backup services
  • Full formatting & wiping