A Microsoft Azure technology

Windows Desktop in the cloud

Are you tired of paying for new server and computer equipment all the time? Of all the downtime, configuration and management inefficiencies and excessive costs?


Introducing the new Virtual Windows 10 desktop, in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 


CNR Cloud

Securely connect to your Cloud Windows Desktop


Windows Desktop in the Cloud

Why should you consider switching to the Microsoft Windows 10 Azure Cloud? Some of the advantages are:

  • Cash Flow: no more expensive computer and server outlays
  • You pay one predictable fee per user desktop per month
  • Your whole computer network, including email, firewall, files and applications are all in one place
  • Security is second to none, with multifactor authentication, reverse proxy, dashboard security score, DNS filtering and no physical tampering

CNR Cloud from Any Device

Connect via ANY device!

Use the free Microsoft Remote Desktop Client app to connect via any browser, mobile phone, tablet, Chromebook, laptop or desktop. It’s that simple.



How do you access your desktop?

Download the new secure Microsoft Remote Desktop app, enter your username and password, enter your second security token (i.e. authenticator temp passcode), and within seconds see your familiar desktop.





CNR Cloud Dashboard

Manage your own users and access




Cloud Dashboard and Service

The Cloud Management Dashboard allows for easy user and access management.  Also included in our service is:

  • Full service helpdesk including labor related to Cloud service (full service IT support)
  • You pay only for the users who are active, a fee per user per month
  • Security services including DNS filtering, VPN, multi-factor authentication, security policies and a security score, determined by scanning a range of policies
  • Unlimited file storage (part of Office 365 OneDrive)
  • No long term contracts



Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.


Amazon Web Services provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals and companies on a paid subscription basis. The technology allows subscribers to have at their disposal a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet.


3CX Phone System is a software-based IP PBX for Windows/Linux which replaces traditional PBX hardware phones. It is based on the SIP standard and supports standard SIP software / hardware phones. It allows calls to be made via a VoIP service provider or in laymen’s terms, it routes your calls over the net.


Microsoft Office 365 is a suite of online tools including cloud email service, web conferencing, calendar, documents and more. Computer & Network Repair can assist your company in transitioning to Microsoft Office 365


Google Apps is a suite of online tools including cloud email service, calendar, documents and more. Computer and Network Repair’s Acworth Google Apps division can assist your company in transitioning your current infrastructure (Exchange, Dovecot, etc) to Google Apps.